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2022-2023 Tuition

effective Summer, 2022

M.Div, Anglican Studies, D.Min in Congregational Development Courses

Tuition: $2100 per 3-credit course ($700 per credit hour)  taken at Bexley Seabury; tuition and fees for Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) courses are subject to current rates published on the schedule available on the CTS web site.

Audit: $700 per 3-credit course (recorded on official transcript); fee for Constitutions and Canons is $700 USD for all students.

An additional $25 fee is assessed for a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificate if requested.

D.Min in Preaching

$3,966 per 3-week session. For more information, see the ACTS DMin in Preaching website.

2022-2023 Fees

Technology Fee

A technology fee of $35 per credit applies to all courses taken for academic credit at Bexley Seabury. This fee does not apply to D.Min in Preaching courses, audited courses, or to courses taken for CEUs or enrichment.

D.Min in Congregational Development

Candidacy Fee: $650 charged upon approval of the thesis proposal
Graduation Fee: $150 charged after acceptance of thesis and before graduation
Continuation Fee: $550 per year charged 6 months following the completion of all core courses and annually thereafter until the Degree is completed

Diploma Programs

Graduation Fee: $150

[Please note: tuition and fees are reviewed annually, and are subject to change.]

Refunds for Course Drops and Withdrawals

See the ACTS D.Min in Preaching web site for policies and procedures pertaining to this program.


Students may drop a course at any time before a course begins for a full refund of tuition and any fees.


Once a course begins, students may not drop a course but may request permission to withdraw in accordance with the seminary’s withdrawal policy and procedures. Click here for details regarding withdrawal procedures.

Eligibility for refunds following a course withdrawal depends on the length of time the student has been in the course.

  • Students who withdraw within the first 15% of the course’s duration will receive a full (100%) refund of tuition and tech fee.
  • Students who withdraw between 16% and 60% of the course’s duration will receive a partial refund of the tuition and tech fee, based on the number of days the student has been in the course, up to and including the date a withdrawal request is submitted.
  • Students who withdraw at or after the 61% mark in the duration of the course will receive no refund of tuition or tech fee.
  • Students who stop attending classes but do not formally withdraw from a course in a timely manner will be ineligible for a refund and may receive a failing grade for the course.

For purposes of calculating refunds, course duration is determined by the published start and end dates of a course. The start date will be based on the first day of instruction or of expected student engagement, whichever comes first. The published end date of the course will not include final exams or assignments that are due thereafter.

Students who wish to drop or withdraw should consult the seminary’s “Return to Title IV” Policy regarding the conditions under which TITLE IV loan funds must be returned to the US Department of Education in the event of a withdrawal from a course or program (click here). Students should also consult the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy regarding the conditions under which eligibility for Title IV loans may be suspended (click here).