for baptismal living

Life-long, life-wide & life-deep learning for ALL the baptized

You don’t have to enroll in a degree program to enrich your faith.

As part of Bexley Seabury’s seminary-beyond-walls philosophy, we’ve launched Pathways to educate, form, and catalyze the Body of Christ to blaze new pathways for prophetic and pastoral service in response to God’s call.

While there is a logic and sequence to the courses and programs available, our courses, workshops, events, and activities are designed so you can choose the combination and order that best suit your interests and needs.


Sometimes you long for deeper instruction than your adult formation classes can provide. But a full seminary program isn’t right for you. Pathways makes seminary-created education and spiritual formation accessible to anyone with a desire to go deeper in their knowledge and faith.

Licensure &
Church-Wide Imperatives

These courses are designed to meet General Convention directives as well as licensure requirements defined by the Canons of the Episcopal Church. Those seeing licensure need to gain approval from their Bishop to ensure that licensure will be conferred.

of Practice

 Designed to support leaders in particular ministry roles, these host-facilitated Zoom-based gatherings enable guest to interact with guest presenters and engage in sustained, critical conversation about faith, leadership, and issues relevant to their roles.

Personal Enrichment

Discerning My Path to Faithful Living

A six-month, cohort-based discernment process to help you find your path for being part of God’s Mission.

Listen for God’s voice with others as you come to know yourself better and live more faithfully day-to-day.
The next cohort begins June 27 and concludes November 20, 2021.

Fundamentals of Our Faith (series)

Six grounding courses in the faith that can be taken separately or in a series

Developed in response to A Christian Life of Faith: Signs and Thresholds along The Way

Pathways for Living Your Faith in the World and within the Church

Deepen your faith and hone your skills

Licensure & Church-Wide Imperatives

Licenses are available for:

Church-Wide Imperatives Defined by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church:

Communities of Practice

2nd Sunday, 6:30-7:30pm ET

Sharing Stories of Baptismal Living

This gathering of lay leaders provides opportunities to explore the extraordinary ways ordinary people have answered God’s call.
Our web-based conversations are designed to offer inspiration and support to all who seek to live lives reflective of their baptismal promises.

Join us March 14, 2021 for a conversation with Dr. Lisa Kimball and The Rev. Dr. Tricia Lyons
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Click the image above for the recording of the most recent program; 
Look through our archive of video programs on Vimeo here.

Future Story Sharing of Baptismal Living will be
April 11, 2021     Samantha Clare
May 9, 2021     Roger Hutchison
June 13, 2021     Heidi Kim
July 11, 2021     Myra Garnes
August 8, 2021     Brian Sellers-Peterson

1st Monday, 8:00-9:30pm ET

Conversations on The Partner’s Path

Spouses of Episcopal clergy gather for for connection, spiritual nourishment, and gifts discernment
through heart-to-heart topical engagements with our host and guest
as we explore the challenge and the gift of being a clergy person’s partner.

Join Us March 1, 2021    A Conversation with Sarah Flick, “Navigating Life in the Fishbowl”
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Click the image above for the recording of the most recent program; 
Look through our archive of video programs on Vimeo here.

Future Conversations on The Partner’s Path will be:
April 5, 2021     A Conversation with Charles Zaucha, “Charting Privacy In Public: Selective  Immersion”
May 3, 2021     A Conversation with Susie Erdey, “A Front Row Seat: What a Lifetime Insider Knows about the Church”
June 7, 2021     A Conversation with Harrison Burrows, “Crossing Borders” 

 2nd Monday, 8:30-9:30pm ET

Deacons Talking on the Road to Emmaus

Inspired by the story of Cleopas and another disciple who came to recognize Jesus in their midst, these web conversations feature deacons sharing stories from their ministries in hope of inspiring, supporting and renewing diaconal ministries.

Join us Monday, March 8, 2021 when Deacons talk about
Unpacking Family Systems and Origin Stories with Nancy Ford
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Click the image above for the recording of the most recent program; 
Look through our archive of video programs on Vimeo here.

Upcoming Deacons Talking on the Road to Emmaus conversations include
April 12, 2021     Sanctuary Ministry with Emily Austin
May 10, 2021     Tiny Houses for People who are Homeless with Connie Campbell Pearson

 3rd Thursdays, 1 pm ET
Open Space for Ministering Communities

This is an invitation to a monthly conversation exploring ministry development. We are creating a space for all the baptized – lay and ordained – to explore what it takes “to move from a community around a minister to a ministering community” (The Rt. Rev. Wesley Frensdorff). Come to share questions, practices, ideas and support. We call it “open space” drawing on the concept of “Open Space Technology” developed by the Rev. Harrison Owen. Our online open space invites us to explore questions and topics experienced by practitioners in the work of empowering ministering communities of practice.  As in Open Space, these hour-long conversations will be among whomever shows up. There is no intention of an “expert” leading the session. We each are encouraged to bring who we are into the space. Whatever emerges from the conversation when we gather is the appropriate outcome for that day, time and space.  Initial questions will be prompted by several people who participated in the Living Stones Partnership. Once we have established the space, we will move toward a shared leadership for future topics. 

Join Us March 18, 2021 when we explore “How does one recognize a ministering community?”
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Also mark you calendar for future open space conversations:
April  15, 2021     What would happen if we truly lived out the priesthood of all believers?
May 20, 2021      How can Christian community best support baptismal ministry in the world?
June 17, 2021     How does shared leadership work in a ministering community?

We look forward to having you add your questions to others we are considering for the future:
How do we create and/or sustain a culture of lifelong learning in our faith communities?
What would theological education look like if it truly honored the local context and environment?
Roland Allen focused on training people for sufficiency rather than professionalization. Do you agree? What would this look like? 
What’s next when everyone says they are old and tired?
What motivates people to give time and talent for Christian leadership?
What are some possible structures for sharing responsibility and accountability for safe, effective and sustainable Christian community?
What barriers and assumptions do the church and wider society erect and maintain that discourage shared leadership and exercising baptismal ministry.  How can those assumptions and barriers be addressed?