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Certificate in Theological Studies 

Unlock New Horizons with the
Certificate in Theological Studies at Bexley Seabury

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive program
with both foundational and elective courses
designed to elevate your understanding & deepen your faith.


Curriculum Highlights:

Empower your spiritual journey with our Certificate in Theological Studies, where a diverse curriculum of wisdom awaits your discovery.

Delve deeply into the Bible, our foundational narrative, with four classes covering Old and New Testaments.

Explore the history of the Christian movement from the time of the Bible to the present day.

Contemplate the ways of God with the world as you probe the church’s theology.

Personalize Your Path

Pursue your personal interests with two elective courses, curated in consultation with your advisor.


Why Pursue a Certificate?

  • Expand Your Horizons: Ideal for individuals seeking to deepen their faith and formation, whether they’ve completed Pathways or EfM.
  • Seminarian Pathway: Test the waters for seminary education; all credits earned can seamlessly transition to the MDiv program.
  • Scholarly Pursuits: Lay a strong foundation for academic degrees (MA, PhD) in theology, nurturing your passion for learning.
  •  DMin Preparation: Crafted for aspiring DMin candidates with prior master’s-level exposure but lacking an MDiv.
  • Community of Learners: Join a vibrant community to immerse yourself in Scripture, theology, and history with like-minded seekers.
  • Flexible Timeline: The journey is yours to shape. Complete the certificate within 1-2 years. For those eager to continue, a pathway is open with Academic Dean approval.

Elevate your understanding, nourish your spirit,
and embrace the transformative power of theological studies.

Who Should

Certificate of Theological Studies

This program is for all seekers eager to explore, deepen, and share their understanding of faith within a supportive community of fellow learners. 

      • Those wanting to go deeper in their own faith and formation, perhaps having already completed courses through our Pathways for Baptismal Living or Education for Ministry (EfM).
      • Those contemplating a seminary degree (all courses taken for credit would transfer to an MDiv).
      • Those who may want to pursue an academic degree (MA, PhD) in theology and want to lay a solid foundation.
      • Those interested in pursing a DMin, having previous master’s level work but not an MDiv.
      • Anyone eager to study in a lively community of learners.


Cost: Tuition costs $2100 per 3-credit course ($700 per credit hour).

Courses: Take online courses and complete your certificate in 1-2 years (can continue to years 3 and 4 with permission from Academic Dean).

Financial Aid: Everyone in the program is eligible for our in-house tuition scholarship.

24 Credit-hours: Six required classes in Bible, history, and theology

      • Introduction to the Old Testament
      • Interpreting the Old Testament
      • Gospels and Acts
      • NT Epistles & Revelation
      • History of Christianity: New Testament to Present
      • Systematic Theology
      • Two other courses of your choice arranged in conversation with your advisor