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Master of Divinity

Meeting you where you are.

The Rev. Teresa Cantrell

The Rev. Teresa Cantrell


“I especially liked having more Field Ed time–five semesters instead of two–plus practical classes, like nonprofit management. I’m hearing and learning so much more in my MDiv classes because everyone is responding, everyone is posting.”

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Our Master of Divinity Program

Welcome to a space where your faith and calling converge with purpose and possibility. Our Master of Divinity program is designed to meet you at the intersection of passion and vocation, offering a comprehensive theological education that is both accessible and deeply enriching.

Why Choose Our Master of Divinity?

  • Flexibility for Your Life: We understand that your journey to divinity is unique. Our program offers flexible scheduling options, including online courses and hybrid models, to fit your lifestyle and commitments.
  • A Community of Support: Join a vibrant, inclusive community where dialogue, diversity, and deep connections fuel your growth both spiritually and academically.
  • Hands-On Learning: Engage in practical experiences and field education that prepare you for real-world ministry and leadership roles, ensuring you’re ready to serve with confidence and compassion.
  • Accessible Excellence: With competitive tuition, financial aid options, and resources designed to make your education as achievable as it is rewarding, we’re committed to supporting your path every step of the way.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum bridges traditional theological study with contemporary issues, ensuring you’re equipped to lead with relevance and empathy. From biblical studies to pastoral care, ethics to spiritual formation, our courses are thoughtfully designed to deepen your understanding and ignite your passion for service.

Join Us

If you’re seeking to transform your calling into action, to make an impact in your community and beyond, we invite you to apply. Discover how our Master of Divinity program can support your aspirations and equip you for a life of meaningful service.

Take the next step in your journey. Apply now and shape your future with purpose!

For questions contact our Admissions Office by emailing or by clicking the icon below. 

Let your calling guide you here. We’re ready to meet you where you are and help you reach where you want to be.