Bexley Seabury is committed to providing the highest quality theological education to all program participants.  Through the substantial support of donors and our historic endowment funds, we are able to provide some financial aid for students with demonstrated need.

To be eligible for financial aid, any student must be in good academic standing (as defined in the Student Handbook) and in good financial standing with the Federation. Financial aid may be available for students in the following programs.

  • MDiv students matriculated at Bexley Seabury. (If you wish to be considered for a special scholarship under the Bexley Seabury Scholars program, such as the St. Marina Scholarship, additional documentation is required to complete your M.Div. application. Click here to determine if you are eligible for this scholarship and for instructions on how to apply.)
  • MDiv and other masters-level students who pay tuition directly to Bexley Seabury.  Aid is otherwise not available to students who cross-register from a school other than Bexley Seabury (such as ACTS students).
  • DMin students in the program in Congregational Development and the program in Preaching.
    • In the program in Congregational Development, financial aid is available only for courses and other work offered by Bexley Seabury only.
    • Special consideration may be given for financial aid to students who are serving communities of faith in strategic or underserved communities.
    • International students may be eligible for additional aid to cover the cost of a student visa.
  • Limited financial aid may be given for strategic mission-related reasons to persons attending the Bexley Seabury Leadership Institute with the Kellogg School Center for Nonprofit Management, with special consideration given to applicants who minister in otherwise underserved communities of faith.

Normally financial aid may be available for up to 70% of demonstrated need, with the amount of the award not to exceed 100% of tuition and fees.

Application for financial aid is made by submitting a financial aid application.  Students requesting aid must also complete a FAFSA assessment as part of the application process, our school FAFSA code is G37473.  Financial aid will not be finalized until all requested documentation is received.

Continuation of financial aid is always dependent on available funds and upon meeting need-based eligibility requirements.

To learn more about financial aid at Bexley Seabury, please talk with Lynn Bowers at or 773-380-6786.