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Pathways for
Personal Enrichment

Learn. Grow. Lead.

Deepen your faith, gain confidence, & claim your voice.

Seminary-designed education accessible to anyone.

Sometimes you long for deeper instruction than your adult formation classes can provide, but a full seminary program isn’t right for you.

Pathways makes seminary-designed education accessible to anyone with a desire to go deeper in their knowledge and faith.

You don’t have to enroll in a degree program to enrich your faith.

Discerning My Path to
Faithful Living

A 4-month, cohort-based discernment process to help you find your path for being part of God’s mission.

Engage new ways to listen for God’s voice with others as you come to know yourself better and live more faithfully day-to-day.

Pathways for Living Your Faith
as a Deacon

Gain skills to support prophetic ministries and develop leadership to meet the world’s needs.