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Diploma in Anglican Studies

Expand Your Horizons, Enrich Your Spirit

The Rev. Cody Manus

The Rev. Cody Manus


“The people who are attracted to a place like Bexley Seabury are creative and imaginative, and are actively engaged in thinking about what the church will look like in the future.”

Embrace Non-Residential Studies Tailored for Leaders from Every Walk of Life

Our Diploma in Anglican Studies (DAS) is designed for individuals keen to deepen their spiritual journey and acquire the skills essential for building vibrant, mission-driven communities. This program is uniquely structured to accommodate your life, blending concentrated classroom sessions with flexible online study, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience without the need for relocation.

Why Choose Our Diploma in Anglican Studies Program?

  • Expert Instruction: Courses are taught by esteemed faculty members, all of whom hold master’s or doctoral degrees in their fields.
  • Flexible Learning: Our mix of in-person and online formats is designed to fit your busy schedule.
  • Diverse Community: Join a vibrant community of learners from various backgrounds, all united in their desire to grow spiritually and lead effectively.

Who Is This Program Form?

  • Lay leaders seeking to deepen their engagement with their faith and community.
  • Clergy looking to enrich their pastoral and theological knowledge.
  • Individuals preparing for ordination, seeking a solid foundation in Anglican traditions.

Our Curriculum

Innovative and Flexible Curriculum

Our curriculum offers a comprehensive foundation in Anglican theology, ethics, spirituality, and liturgy, complemented by courses in contemporary topics crucial for leading today’s church, such as ecumenism, community organizing, and practical theology. This balanced approach ensures you are well-equipped for both traditional and innovative ministry contexts.


Grow with Us

At Bexley Seabury, you’ll engage in rich conversations and form lasting connections with fellow students, whether you’re preparing for ministry, leading faith communities, or seeking personal spiritual enrichment. Our community is a tapestry of diverse experiences and aspirations, all sharing a common goal: to grow in faith and service.

For questions contact our Admissions Office by emailing or by clicking the icon below.

Embrace your calling—let it be the compass that guides you to your destined path in faith and leadership.