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THEOLOGY IN THE TIME OF COVID-19: A moderated web symposium exploring theological reflection on and responses to our present moment.
Wednesday, April 1, 3:00 pm EDT

We are all facing, in the global coronavirus pandemic, something unprecedented in our lives, and nearly unprecedented in history – and we are responding on an unprecedented scale. There have been many useful and important conversations about tactical responses, not least in the church: how may we provide for continued worship? What does this mean for liturgy or administration? How can we continue our work on behalf of the poor or those on the margins? How may we communicate the good news? In this day of social distancing, how do we maintain social and pastoral connections with our congregation and community?

Yet how do we approach these questions and our larger situation theologically? What light can the primary language of our faith shed on the present moment? How can we consider issues of providence, of being embodied, of vulnerability, sin, hope and hopelessness, idolatry, exile, and loving our neighbor in the face of a pandemic? What does our confession “Jesus Christ is Lord” mean here, and now? This panel of respected theologians, drawn from across the Episcopal Church and the Church of England, will consider these and other questions, in brief, theological reflections on Covid-19 and social distancing, followed by Q&A open to all who attend.

Please e-mail questions to This is a no-cost offering from the CEEP Network for the Church, Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation, and the Anglican Theological Review. The symposium is open to anyone: registration is required. Participants include:

 Jason Fout – Associate Professor of Anglican Theology, Bexley Seabury Seminary, and Co-Editor in chief of the Anglican Theological Review 

Brett Gray – Chaplain and Fellow in Theology, Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge

Scott MacDougall – Assistant Professor of Theology, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, and Co-editor in chief of the Anglican Theological Review

Kara Slade – Associate Rector of Trinity Church, Princeton, Associate Chaplain at the Episcopal Church at Princeton, and Canon Theologian of the Diocese of New Jersey

EllenWondra – Research Professor of Theology and Ethics Emerita and Editor Emerita of the Anglican Theological Review

And moderated by Chuck Robertson, Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Ministry Beyond the Episcopal Church