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January 2022

Instructor: Emlyn Ott
Format: 1-week on-site Intensive (in Chicago)
Dates: 1/9-1/13 in Chicago

Course Description: This course will provide an experience of relating integrated forms of general and systems thinking and organizational theory to leadership development that relates to organizational life, with particular attention to faith communities and non-profits.  The course will begin with an invitation for students to listen to the multigenerational story of a family impacted by a significant and long-term societal process and observe that family’s response over multiple generations. 

The two significant lenses used during this course will be adaptive leadership and Bowen family systems theory.  Students in the class will be challenged to look anew at Bowen family systems theory (or Bowen theory) and develop an increased capacity to analyze the various applications to organizational life offered by many experienced practitioner-scholars in the field.  Adaptive leadership principles will be included to look at how leaders and organizations manage the emotional processes of change and loss and maintain the intentions of the organization and its mission.