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Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Bexley Seabury’s Non-residential MDiv degree program fosters the theological education and spiritual formation of continually context-aware, critically reflective, and pastorally responsive ministry practitioners.

1: Experience a unique approach to field education

You will intern for a minimum of two years in a participating Communities of Learning and Formation (CLF) field site—a congregation, chaplaincy, or another ministry setting. Your field education experience will:

  • Reflect the charism of your place of ministry;
  • Integrate dialogue with a core group of CLF leaders; and
  • Include supervising clergy and the people with whom they minister in your teaching-learning community.

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2: Develop as a leader and as a strategic thinker.

You will learn to exercise effective leadership and to deploy practical tools for community-building and engagement. Particularly focused courses include:

  • Three advanced-level courses in Congregational Leadership and Development that are taken alongside experienced practitioners from diverse ministry contexts, such as relational community organizing and asset-based community development.
  • A travel seminar, such as Learning from London: Mission and Evangelism in the 21st Century or Living in Hope: Exploring Theological & Political Reconciliation in the Holy Land.

3: Link learning to experience.

In all courses, you will be challenged to connect what you learn with what is happening in the world, the church, and in your local ministry setting.

4: Enjoy high flexibility.

  • On-campus sessions for some Bexley Seabury courses meet one or two weekends in the fall and spring semesters, or for up to one week in January or summer. Many
  • Many courses may be taken 100% online.
  • The MDIV degree can be completed in three years of full-time study or up to six years, depending on your professional, family, and ministry responsibilities.