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Diploma in Anglican Studies

Across the Episcopal Church, lay leaders, clergy and aspirants to ordained ministry are seeking new kinds of training to lead a new kind of church. The Bexley Seabury Anglican Studies program offers a wide range of accessible options for leaders from all walks of life. Choosing from a variety of weekend and week-long intensive courses, students can design a program of study that suits their needs, interests, and schedule.

Our program provides students with a firm foundation in Anglican theology, ethics, spirituality, and liturgy and also offer innovative opportunities to study topics like ecumenism, interreligious relations, community organizing, congregational leadership, and practical theology that students need to lead the 21st-century church. All courses are conducted at the masters’ or doctoral level, are taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty. Courses are open to lay, leaders, clergy and those preparing for ordination. Financial aid is available.

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Bexley Seabury’s Anglican Studies program is ideal for:

  • Students studying part-time or pursuing an MDiv at a seminary in another tradition;
  • Those seeking particular focus in Anglican Studies while preparing for ministry under the direction of their bishop and diocese;
  • Persons seeking a deeper understanding of the Anglican tradition and contemporary Episcopal Church.

Participants may take as many or as few courses as they wish.  Those who complete all requirements—the equivalent of one year of full-time seminary study—are eligible for the Diploma in Anglican Studies.

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To be eligible for the Diploma in Anglican Studies, students must complete the following requirements:

Required courses

Anglican Spirituality and Ethos
Anglican Theology and Ethics
Anglican and Episcopal History
Anglican Liturgy and Music: Theology and Practice
Anglican Liturgy and Music: Development and Theology
Constitution and Canons (online, one-credit)

Total: 16 credit hours

In addition to the required courses above, students must meet these area requirements:

1 course in Religious Expressions and Contemporary Cultures
1 course in Congregational Mission and Leadership
1 course in Practical Theology
1 course in History or Theology

Total: 12 credit hours

Diploma students who have already taken graduate-level
courses in these areas may apply to the Academic Dean for recognition of
those credits.

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