Courses and Credit Hours

Most courses at Bexley Seabury are open to degree students, diploma students, and lifelong learners who wish to take the course for academic credit, for continuing education units, or for personal enrichment as auditors.

January and June courses are usually listed with more than one course number. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) students must register under the 600-level course number in order to receive doctoral-level credit for the course. All other students should register under the 300, 400, or 500-level course number.

All Bexley Seabury courses taken for graduate academic credit are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated. A credit hour represents approximately 1 hour of direct faculty-student engagement (in class or online); a three-credit course represents 36 hours of direct faculty-student engagement.

Here’s how to register:

Students with Bexley Seabury SAM Accounts

If you are a degree or Anglican Studies diploma student and already have an account (user ID and password) in SAM, the Bexley Seabury Student portal, please go directly to SAM to register for courses. (click here)

Cross Registrants

If you are a student who wishes to cross-register from an ACTS or other partner school, please fill out the cross-registration form for each course you wish to take at Bexley Seabury and submit it to the registrar at your home school. Click here for the cross-registration form.

All Other Students

Please go to our Current and Upcoming Courses page, click on the registration link that appears below the course description. Then proceed as directed, selecting the link that applies to you. If you are taking more than one course, please repeat this process for each course you wish to take.