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Course Registration

Registration Deadlines

Bexley Seabury intensive courses generally require degree and diploma students to complete reading and assignments before the first meeting of class on campus. Because of this requirement, students who wish to register after the following deadlines may need to obtain the permission of the instructor:

 MDiv and Anglican Studies Diploma Students Returning Students New Fall Students Mid-year admits January/Spring
Registration for Jan and Spring courses 2024 Nov 11-17 by Nov 17
Registration Summer & Fall courses 2024 Apr 13-19 by Jul 30 (for Fall term)
DMin in Congregational Development Students New June Cohort January
Registration for January 2024 Nov 11-17 by Nov 17
Registration for June 2024 Apr 13-19
Learning From London Course For Non-BSSF Students  
June trip application due Feb. 1
Jan trip application due Sept. 1
Special Students *
Recommended deadline to submit registration requests for January and Spring 2024 Nov 17
Recommended deadline to submit registration requests for Summer and Fall 2024 Apr 19
Registration for all terms While registration is open up to the day before a class is scheduled to begin, early registration is recommended to allow time for assigned pre-reading and to avoid space limitations.
* Special Students: are students who are not enrolled in a Bexley Seabury degree or diploma program.

Auditing Courses for Enrichment or Continuing Education Credit

Most courses at Bexley Seabury are open to persons who do not require graduate academic credit, such as auditors seeking enrichment and those seeking to satisfy CEU requirements. These students are expected to read assigned materials to participate in class discussions. Submission of assignments is not required. The instructor may, but is not required to, read or respond to assignments voluntarily submitted by those not taking the course for academic credit.

Students who require a CEU certificate should contact the Registrar, Susan Quigley. The fee for the certificate is $25.00.

Non-Credit Registration

Or fill out the special student registration request form

Cross-listed Courses

Some of our courses are listed with more than one-course number. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) students must register under the 600-level course number to receive doctoral-level credit. All other students should register under the 300-, 400-, or 500-level course number.

Here’s how to register:

Degree and Diploma Student with Student Populi Accounts

If you are a degree or Anglican Studies diploma student and already have an account (user ID and password) in Populi, the Bexley Seabury Registration portal, please go directly to Populi to register for courses. (click here)

ACTS Cross Registrants

If you are a student who wishes to cross-register from an ACTS institution, please fill out the cross-registration form for each course you wish to take at Bexley Seabury and submit it to the registrar at your home school. Click here for the cross-registration form.

Special Students

Special Students are students who are not enrolled in a Bexley Seabury degree or diploma program. In order to register for a course for credit you need to fill out the special student registration request form found here and note at the end of the form that you will register for the course for credit. Additionally, you need to submit an official transcript demonstrating completion of a bachelor’s degree to our admissions office via email at or via mail to Bexley Seabury Seminary 1407 E 60th St, Chicago, IL 60637. Once the transcript is received, the registration request will be processed by the Registrar, who will contact you with your course registration confirmation.

If you need assistance with registration, please get in touch with our Registrar Susan Quigley at