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Academic Calendar

Bexley Seabury


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Click here for a printable version.

Summer Term 2021:

Session 1

June 1*

Beginning of BSSF term*

June 1-6*†

Summer Session 1 Reading Week*†

June 7 

Beginning of Summer Session 1 courses

June 25        

Last day of Summer Session 1 courses

July 23

Students course evaluations for Summer Session 1 due

August 9

Grades due for all Summer Session 1 courses

Session 2

July 5

Independence Day observed (offices closed)

July 6–11*†

Summer Session 2 Reading Week*†

July 12

Beginning of Summer Session 2 courses

July 30        

Last day of Summer Session 2 courses

August 27

Students course evaluations for Summer Session 2 due

September 10

Grades due for all Summer Session 2 courses

* Courses may require pre-work prior to the start of the semester/term, including initial and introductory assignments. Due dates will be published in the syllabus for each course.

Check the CTS website for summer course start dates. 

Fall Term 2021:

June 15MDiv admission application deadline
July 31Registration deadline for new MDiv students
August 27Orientation Day for all students admitted after Fall 2020(in Chicago)
August 28Beginning of BSSF fall semester
August 28-29Anglican Formation Retreat (in Chicago)
September 6Labor Day/offices closed
September 7Beginning of BSSF & CTS classes
October 18–22CTS Reading week
November 1–12Advisement Period for January and Spring
November 14–19Registration for Jan & Spring at BSSF & CTS
November 24–26Thanksgiving break/offices closed
December 11Last day of BSSF classes/semester
December 17Last day of CTS semester
December 24–January 2Christmas break/offices closed
January 10Deadline for Fall semester grades

January Term 2022:

January 3–7Reading week for BSSF January classes
January 3–4, 6General Ordination Exams
January 10Beginning of BSSF January classes
January 17MLK Day/offices closed
January 28Last day of BSSF January classes/term
March 14Deadline for January term grades

Spring Term 2022:

January 29Beginning of BSSF Spring semester
January 29–30Anglican Formation Retreat (online via Zoom)
January 31Last day of CTS January term
January 31Beginning of BSSF & CTS classes
February 21Presidents’ Day/offices closed
March 1Deadline to submit Request to Graduate form
March 14–18CTS Reading week
March 28–April 7Advisement Period for Summer and Fall
April 1DMin admission application deadline
April 11–15Holy Week/Offices closed
April 17Easter
April 17–22Registration for Summer & Fall at BSSF & CTS
May 6Last day of BSSF classes/semester
May 10Deadline for Spring semester grades forgraduating students
May 13BSSF Commencement
May 13Last day of CTS semester
June 6Deadline for Spring semester grades for allstudents not graduating

Summer Term 2022

Summer 1

May 15Registration deadline for new DMin students
May 30Memorial Day/offices closed
May 31Beginning of BSSF Summer term
June 6Beginning of BSSF Summer 1 classes
June 24Last day of BSSF Summer 1 classes
August 5Deadline for Summer 1 grades

Summer 2

July 4Independence Day/offices closed
July 5–8Reading week for BSSF Summer 2 classes
July 11Beginning of BSSF Summer 2 classes
July 29Last day of BSSF Summer 2 classes andSummer term
September 9Deadline for Summer 2 grades