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Bexley Seabury is called to be a 21st century seminary beyond walls

Bexley Seabury is called to be a 21st century seminary beyond walls – open to all who seek to deepen their Christian formation in a generous spiritual and intellectual tradition.

Master of Divinity Degree (M.Div.)

A post baccalaureate professional graduate degree for students preparing for ordained ministry within the Episcopal church. This program is also available for students preparing for other forms of ministry for which a Master of Divinity is required or desirable.

D.Min. in Congregational Development

At Bexley Seabury, our low-residence doctor of ministry students have an unparalleled opportunity to learn, stretch, challenge themselves and others, and emerge at the end of three years with exceptional skills in leadership and deeper theological grounding for innovative and effective congregational ministry.

D.Min in Preaching

This ecumenical program, which includes intensive summer residencies and work in your home congregation during the year, is designed to help you become the preacher God is calling you to be.

Diploma in Anglican Studies (DAS)

Across the Episcopal Church, lay leaders, clergy and aspirants to ordained ministry are seeking new kinds of training to lead a new kind of church. The Bexley Seabury Anglican Studies program offers a wide range of accessible options for leaders from all walks of life.

Lifelong Learning

Nearly every course at Bexley Seabury can be taken for continuing education or simply for the love of learning at significantly reduced rates. Our teaching-learning communities bring together lay and ordained people from all walks of life, all parts of the church and mutiple denominations.

Diaconal Enrichment Program

Designed to supplement and build upon diocesan training programs or ministerial experience, this program is for persons preparing for ordination to the permanent diaconate and for currently ordained deacons seeking to enrich their ministries.

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Deeply shocked and saddened by events in Westminster. We are praying for all affected and those responding so bravely.

"The #EYE17 theme Path to Peace is important to me because peace is something we should always be working towards." Christi Cunningham

UBE Celebrates Women's History Month

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Seminary Donates Bexley Hall Rare Book Collection to the Newberry Library

Seminary Donates Bexley Hall Rare Book Collection to the Newberry Library Bexley Seabury’s July 2016 consolidation from two campuses to one, in Chicago’s historic Hyde Park/Woodlawn district, presented an opportunity to steward the seminary’s historic collection of early Bibles, Books of Common Prayer and other volumes. What better home...


March 3 – Bexley Hall and Seabury-Western Class of 1995 & 1996 Marjorie F. Mair-Hansen, Richard Molison, T. Abigail Murphy, Laura Noble, Susan S. Payne, Richard A. Ressler, Michelle K. J. Roos, Carmen R. Seufert, Debra L. Trakel, Stephen T. Wilson, Karla M. Woggon, Paul D. Allick, Melanie R....

THANK YOU for visiting Bexley Seabury online. Wherever our community gathers, everyone is welcome.

Bexley Seabury seeks to affirm the dignity of all persons within our community—students, staff and faculty—without prejudice to any person regardless of race, color, gender, age, physical disability, height or weight, national and ethnic origin, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation/identity or gender identification.