Why Serve at Bexley Seabury

During the week of June 11, Bexley Seabury hosted 37 particpants in “Why Serve,” a conference sponsored by the Episcopal Church Department of Ethnic Ministries. The conference is dedicated to people of color looking at ministry in the Episcopal Church. Ethnic Missioners of the Episcopal Church were in attendance, including Bradley Hauff, Indigenous; Angela Ifill, Black; Winfred Vergara, Asian American. and Anthony Guillén,Hispanic/Latino.

The main focus of the conference was to create a space where people of color could share their experience of service in the Episcopal Church, and to create a network of support for their ministries moving forward. The conference also demonstrated to them that they are not alone in the church in ministering to people of color in their midst.

The conference included an opportunity for the ethnic missioners to highlight and invite people to take part of their initiatives, as well as time to caucus by ethnicity, highlighting their own challenges and opportunities.

Other topics included leadership in a Multicultural church, Involvement in the public square, vocation and the values of the Jesus Movement. Bexley Seabury’s Recruiter, Jaime Briceno, was the point person and did all the pre-conference arranging and participated daily in conference activities


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