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Rector’s Job Description

time, an employee, a colleague in ministry with all the baptized, and the pastor with responsibility for the spiritual well-being of all the members of the parish. The rector also shares responsibility with the bishop for the ministry of the Episcopal Church in the parish. The rector is expected to spend some portion of his or her time participating in the life of the diocese. Finally, the rector is a priest. A priest’s primary function is to reveal the presence of God and to remind the community of the priesthood of all believers. St. Cornelius’ Episcopal Church opened its doors in the Spring of 1888 and is the oldest church building in continuous use in Dodge City, Kansas. St. Cornelius is part of The Episcopal Diocese of Western Kansas, which spans 2/3 of the state of Kansas.

The educational levels in our congregation vary and the lay vocations cover a broad spectrum. The age range of our parishioners is from 25-75+. We have a few families in our parish with young children. The majority of our parishioners live in Dodge City.

The community of Dodge City, Kansas, in 2017 had a population of close to 30,000. Hispanics make up 62% of the population, whites make up 34.5%, African Americans make up 2.7%, Asians make up 1.8%, Native Americans make up .2% and other is at 1.4%.

More information on St. Cornelius can be found at or you can visit our Facebook page. Information on The Episcopal Diocese of Western Kansas can be found at or you can visit their Facebook page.

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St. Cornelius’ Episcopal Church
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