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 St. Peter’s Church is a lively and engaged country parish with a rich 200+ year history. Located in the hamlet of Lithgow, the church itself is a simple Carpenter Gothic building surrounded by rolling, rural pastures and fields. A recently completed survey confirmed our strong commitment to our church, and to the tradition of the Rite I liturgy, whether for Morning Prayer or Holy Eucharist. We love the beauty of music on our organ, and flowers in the sanctuary. We value our programs and look forward to increasing engagement alongside a new Priest-in-Charge. 

St. Peter’s seeks a new full-time Priest-in-Charge who will deliver excellent preaching that is intellectually thought provoking, spiritually enriching and that links the Old and New Testaments to the historical past and to the present day lives of our parishioners. 

Additionally, we seek a Priest-in-Charge who will be respectful of the church’s traditions and enthusiastic for its future and who has the skills and attributes to help us: 

  • Develop suitable Christian education programs for our children and adults. 
  • Make pastoral care a more effective and comprehensive part of our ministry. 
  • Help the parish to sustain, grow and nurture its long-term ministry to the community. 

There is a demonstrable fellowship and fellowship community among the congregation members that is committed to working closely with our new Priest-in-Charge to achieve our shared vision of the future for our beloved St. Peter’s Church. 

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