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In this season of Thanksgiving, there is much to be grateful for here at Bexley Seabury. We are experiencing increasing inquiries about our programs and ever-rising enrollment. More than 75 students are trusting us to help them respond to God’s call in their lives. Our faculty members are developing relationships with people all across the world to grow leaders at every level of the Episcopal Church. I am grateful for our many graduates and friends, and the work you are doing for God’s world. And of course, I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this school at such an exciting time of rapid growth.

Yet significant obstacles to our mission remain. In the mid-19thCentury, when Bishops Whipple and Chase founded our school, geography was one of the most prominent barriers to theological education. Today, demographic and economic factors are far more likely to cause potential students to think they could not become seminarians. That is why we have developed a Master of Divinity program that does not require students to move to Chicago. Instead, we enhance classroom time with the latest techniques of distributed learning through the Internet. Our diverse student body is able to practice ministry in and for the communities where they already are. When our students graduate, they are ready to lead.

These innovative teaching tools also allow us to work with dioceses and parishes all across the Episcopal Church, making continuing education and lifelong learning more accessible than ever before.  

Please partner with us to make the world-class theological education of Bexley Seabury possible for more and more people. Invest in the present and future of our church with a generous gift to our annual fund. Thank you.

Micah Jackson