Professor John Dally first taught “The Death of the Beautiful Young Man” in 2008 and has offered it three times since. The course looks at images of the death of Jesus through the lens of race, physical appearance, and sexuality, and asks how these categories affect our notion of salvation.

In the fall of 2016, he decided it was time to write the book. To keep his nose to the grindstone, he offered weekly videocasts tracking his progress, kind of like “The Biggest Loser” for writing.

Photo Caption: Camille Felix Bellanger, “Abel,” 1874.

Unless otherwise noted, all content of these lectures is copyright  ©2016 by John Addison Dally.

1.  What’s That About?  Jesus’ Perfect Body

3.  The Lamb without Spot or Blemish

5.  Penetrating Jesus

7.  Dying Like Jesus

9.  The Real American Cross

2.  Circles and Sticks

4.  It’s All Greek to Me

6.  The Pierced Hero

8.  He Can’t Be Guilty Looking Like That

10.  Making the Case for a Change