Diaconal Enrichment Program

Designed to supplement and build upon diocesan training programs or ministerial experience, this program of study is for persons preparing for ordination to diaconal ministry and for currently ordained deacons seeking to enrich their ministries.

The Bexley Seabury Diaconal Enrichment Program offers a flexible, low-residency, graduate-level, five-course curriculum that focuses on developing theological understanding and ministry skills most essential to deacons serving in the Episcopal Church today.

All courses in the Diaconal Enrichment curriculum are offered in one of two formats—intensive week-long or week-end intensives—that include both face-to-face and on-line learning.


Students who complete the five-course curriculum will be awarded a Bexley Seabury Certificate of completion.

Fundamental to this program is a required course in Baptismal Ecclesiology. Team-taught by all members of the Bexley-Seabury faculty, this course examines from multiple perspectives the centrality of baptism for shaping the life and mission of the church and for empowering the ministry of all the baptized. The unique role of deacons, as ministers both within and beyond the church, will be explored.

Participants may choose an additional four courses from among the following:

  • Pastoral Care*
  • Diversity in Context *
  • Community Organizing*
  • Preaching*
  • One Elective

* Students who already have substantial ministry experience or academic training in one of these areas may apply to the Academic Dean for a waiver of the course and, if granted, may take up to two electives to complete the five-course certificate requirement.

Depending on the recommendation of their dioceses, participants may enroll as auditors, for continuing education credit, or for academic credit. Participants who do not require or desire a certificate may also register for one or more individual courses.

Academic credits earned in the Diaconal Enrichment Program may be applied to a Bexley Seabury Diploma or degree program.


You can take courses for academic credit (undergraduate degree required), or take courses for CEU’s or as an auditor.

Besides submitting the application form found here. Prospective students must submit the following documents:

  • Prospective students looking to enroll in the program for academic credit must submit their academic transcripts from their undergraduate degree. To be part of the program as an auditor or for CEUs, no academic transcripts are required.
  • One letter of recommendation: Candidates to the diaconate that are in formation need to submit a letter of recommendation from their Commission on Ministry or their Bishop.

Letters of recommendation can be mailed or emailed to:
Jaime Briceno, jbriceno@bexleyseabury.edu
1407 E 60th St, Chicago, IL 60637

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