Course Schedule

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Course Formats

At this time, all Bexley Seabury courses will be offered in a fully online format through the summer 2021 semester.

Under normal circumstances, Bexley Seabury’s non-residential model of theological education enables us to offer courses in a variety of formats that enable students to remain in their local contexts and to study at a pace that fits their professional and personal responsibilities. We typically offer courses in the following formats:


  • Intensives are held on campus for either three Friday/Saturday weekends in Fall and Spring; or week-long in January and Summer. Students typically have assignments and stay connected online, before, after or in-between sessions on campus.
  • Hybrids blend online teaching and learning (synchronous real-time sessions, asynchronous sessions on your own time, or both) with sessions that meet on campus for one or two weekends in Fall and Spring or fewer than five weekdays in January and Summer.
  • Fully online courses do not require visits to campus. Three-credit courses usually last for the duration of a semester or term. They often include both synchronous (“live” in real time) and asynchronous (on your own time) sessions.

Currently Showing All Upcoming Course Offerings

Organizational Systems

Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Emlyn Ott
Format: Fully-online
Dates: We will be offering two sections of this course in January 2021. Both courses will take place January 11-29, with pre-work, and each section will include 6 synchronous sessions.

Making Mission Possible in Tough Times

Format: Fully-online
Dates: January 11-29, with pre-work; 6 synchronous sessions

Tuesday, 1/12, 10:00am – 1:30pm CT
Thursday, 1/14 10:00am – 1:30pm CT
Tuesday, 1/19,10:00am – 1:30pm CT
Thursday, 1/21, 10:00am – 1:30pm CT
Tuesday, 1/26, 10:00am – 1:30pm CT
Thursday, 1/28, 10:00am – 1:30pm CT

Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Lisa R. Withrow
Course number: ML575/675

The Art of Preaching

January 2021 Preachers are asked to be writers, actors/performance artists, composers, dancers, painters, and sculptors all at one time, yet they are rarely given the tools they need to make good on these expectations. What if preachers thought of themselves as...

Research Methods

Spring 2021 Seminar for DMin students This hands-on seminar is designed to assist Doctor of Ministry students in developing the research and writing skills they will use in their ministry projects and thesis writing. Doctoral-level work requires knowledge of...

Thesis Proposal Practicum

Spring 2021 Seminar for DMin students Developing a successful D. Min. thesis proposal is a complex and multifaceted process requiring the integration of research, writing, and organizational skills, filtered through the conceptual and reflective lenses students bring...

Anglican Formation

Spring 2021 Anglican Formation provides students with the opportunity to cultivate three fundamental spiritual tools common to the Anglican Tradition: first, intentional participation in community; second, theological self-reflection; and third, fluent conversation...

Field Education 1

ML 321 Fully-onlineFeb 1 to May 7, Online. This asynchronous course involves engagement and work according to a schedule.The Rev. Dr. KyungJa (KJ) Oh and The Rev. Eileen Shanley-Roberts

Field Education 3

Spring 2021 Open only to Bexley Seabury MDiv students Field Education 3 is a continuation of the 2.5-year Communities of Learning and Formation program at Bexley Seabury. This semester integrates the practical, personal experience of ministry in the mission field with...

Field Education 5

Spring 2021 Open only to Bexley Seabury MDiv students. Field Education 5 is a continuation of the 2.5-year Communities of Learning and Formation program at Bexley Seabury. During this final semester of field education, the emphasis is application of skills and...

Systematic Theology

Spring 2021 This course offers an introductory exploration of the central theological themes of the Christian tradition (theologies of God/Trinity, creation, the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the nature and mission of the church, and the reign of...

Anglican and Episcopal History

Spring 2021 This course is an overview of Anglican and Episcopal History, and addresses global contexts and diversity by specifically examining issues of race, class, gender, human sexuality, and globalization within the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. The...

Liturgy and Music: Theology and Practice

Spring 2021 This course deals with the principles and practices of worship in the Episcopal Church. The course covers the theology and practice of worship according to the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, its supplements, and supporting musical resources. Students will...

Anglican Spirituality and Ethos

Spring 2021 This course will explore the nature and practice of Anglican spirituality as it is expressed in art, film and poetry. Citing examples spanning the 15th to 20th Centuries, students will experience Anglicanism’s historic emphasis on Incarnation over...

Theology and Social Ethics of Martin Luther King Jr.

Spring 2021 Open to DMin and masters-level students. In our recent politically and racially charged moment in history, many have used short statements of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for proof-texting already held racial and political presuppositions. Jacquelyn...