January 2021
Course Schedule

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Course Formats

At this time, all Bexley Seabury courses will be offered in a fully online format through the summer 2021 semester.

Organizational Systems

January 2021 This course will provide an experience of relating integrated forms of general and systems thinking and organizational theory to leadership development that relates to organizational life, with particular attention to faith communities and non-profits. ...

Making Mission Possible in Tough Times

January 2021 Particular attention to change in the vocation of ministry challenges us to understand sharp-edged relevance which locates people in specific time and space.  Diversity and intersectionality summon us to the broad living space that human communities find...

The Art of Preaching

January 2021 Preachers are asked to be writers, actors/performance artists, composers, dancers, painters, and sculptors all at one time, yet they are rarely given the tools they need to make good on these expectations. What if preachers thought of themselves as...