Apply to the Master of Divinity Program


If you are ready to apply, please complete an online application.

Do you qualify for and wish to be considered for the Saint Marina Scholarship a three year scholarship for LGBTQ students who are passionate about and plan to pursue justice ministry as an ordained member of the Episcopal church? If so, please click here for information on how to apply.


Tour our campus, experience a class, meet students and faculty

Before you choose a seminary, we urge you to visit. If you’re interested in Bexley Seabury, send an email to Jaime Briceño or phone Jaime at 773.380.7045.

QUESTIONS? Please complete an online inquiry card or phone Jaime Briceño at 773.380.7045.

Apply to the D.Min. in Congregational Development at Bexley Seabury

Priority Deadline: January 15 (application fee waived until this date)

Final Deadline: April 1 (for the following June)

Bexley Seabury now offers online registration: Apply for the DMin in congregational development online.

Receipt of the completed admission application, including references and transcripts by the priority deadline date gives the applicant priority for admissions.


Apply to the Anglican Studies Program

Admission requirements for the Anglican Studies program include either a registrar’s letter confirming matriculation at an accredited seminary or an official transcript of your highest degree completed and a letter of recommendation from someone with whom you’ve worked in ministry. Apply online.

For questions about the Anglican Studies program, please send an email to Academic Dean Therese DeLisio or phone 773.380.6787.


Transfer Credit Policy

Credit will be transferred from accredited graduate schools and seminaries if it can appropriately be applied to a Bexley Seabury degree program, with certain provisos.

  • Students must complete at least one third of their studies at Bexley Seabury to qualify for a Bexley Seabury degree.
  • No transfer credit will be given for work done with a letter grade under B.
  • There is a time limit of 10 years on (1) transfer credit, (2) credit from Bexley Seabury for a degree that was not completed, and (3) credit from Bexley Seabury for a completed masters’ degree that is to be applied to a different masters’ degree Program.
  • At the discretion of the Dean, students holding an M.A. or equivalent degree may be granted transfer credit for up to two-thirds of the required hours in the M.Div. degree at Bexley Seabury.
  • Although credits transferred from another institution may be used to satisfy Bexley Seabury core and option requirements in a specific field of study, a student may be required, at the discretion of the Academic Dean, to take additional work in that field.  Applicability to Bexley Seabury core and option requirements is determined by the Dean in consultation with appropriate faculty.
  • Bexley Seabury accepts DMin credit in transfer for work done at the doctoral level at other accredited seminaries or institutions of higher education, subject to the degree restrictions on number of credits which can be transferred.  With the permission of the Academic Dean, students in this program may transfer up to two doctoral-level course credits from another accredited seminary or institution of higher education.
  • At the discretion of the Dean, Bexley Seabury may apply graduate credits earned as part of another degree program.

Credit Hours Policy

A credit hour represents approximately 1 hour of work per week in a semester-length course, including at least 1 hour of direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two hours out of class.  (Out of class work may include internships, practica and other academic work.)  Most courses offered by Bexley Seabury are 3 credit courses, involving approximately 36 hours of direct faculty instruction plus more than 72 hours of work outside of class.