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Diploma in Anglican Studies


for leaders from all walks of life

Grow spiritually and develop the skills needed to build mission-driven communities.

  • Concentrated classroom sessions plus online study
  • Taught by  faculty, at the master’s or doctoral level
  • For lay leaders, clergy, those preparing for ordination

Innovative and flexible

Our program offers a firm foundation in Anglican theology, ethics, spirituality, and liturgy in a flexible format. You may also study topics needed to lead the 21st-century church, such as ecumenism, community organizing, and practical theology.

Grow with Us

At Bexley Seabury, you’ll find a rich mix and a rich conversation. Some students are preparing for ministry, some are building faith communities, and all are seeking to enrich their lives and feed their spirits.




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Bexley Seabury is a seminary of the Episcopal Church offering an innovative, non-residential theological education in a generous spiritual and intellectual tradition. We equip lay and ordained leaders for bold inquiry in service of the Gospel and active engagement in congregational and community life.