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Spring 2021

This course will explore the nature and practice of Anglican spirituality as it is expressed in art, film and poetry. Citing examples spanning the 15th to 20th Centuries, students will experience Anglicanism’s historic emphasis on Incarnation over Atonement as the basis of salvation and the Anglican tendency to talk not so much about grace as to make it visible in words, music, movement and through the visual arts. Students will experience the manner by which these examples demonstrate a theological perspective that some Christian traditions call “worldliness,” but still remain profoundly mystical at the same time. By immersing participants in a variety of nonverbal media alongside assigned texts, this course aims to stimulate right-brain thinking and facilitate learning through sight and sound as well as through written word.

Format: Fully-online
Feb 1 to May 7; This course involves asynchronous work according to a weekly schedule.
Instructor: Rev Dr. KJ Oh
Course number: PSF302

Initial assignments for courses may be due up to one week prior to the start of the semester/term. See the syllabus for all due dates. 


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