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What We Are Hearing

Eastertide 2015 ♦

The Board of Directors and the Administration of Bexley Seabury are currently going through a strategic planning process. The prior one was several years ago. Part of doing this includes contacting individual board members, alumnae/i, and trustees associates for their thoughts. We have a wealth of input that is thoughtful, useful—and encouraging. Here is just a small sampling of verbatim comments. You can get a sense of why each person supports Bexley Seabury.

We are committed to solid and deep engagement with the Christian theological tradition, with an emphasis on Anglicanism (which in my view includes a commitment to ecumenism).

Transparent and forward-thinking.

Small class size, individual attention, possibilities for collaboration.

Make our unique and innovative mission known.

Good stewardship of time, talent and other resources—$$$.

As a former Bexley student, I appreciated the experience I received for several reasons:

      • located in a place that was convenient,
      • ecumenical in nature,
      • excellent professors from both the Episcopal and Lutheran faculty,
      • communal learning environment,
      • emphasis on worship and liturgy was strong,
      • personalized attention and flexibility in my course of study.

There seems to be energy around the changes and needs the Federation wishes to achieve. It all is exciting, challenging, and creative.

We value the support of all of our alumnae/i and other friends. We also welcome any thoughts and suggestions you would like to offer. Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a call at 773.380.6787.

Thank you for your contributions. Thank you for your ministry in Christ Jesus.

Conrad Selnick

Vice President for Advancement and Church Relations