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Setting Ministry in Motion

You make a world of difference

March 6, 2015

From Conrad Selnick

Vice President for Advancement and Church Relations

Before moving to Chicago, my wife and I lived in Northeast Ohio for 25 years. For a couple of weeks recently, a friend of ours from back there, Marianne, has been our houseguest. Marianne is a Lutheran lay person who works within the Lutheran Church. She has a job for which she commutes every other week between Ohio and Chicago.

Earlier this month Marianne had to be in Ohio to make a preaching date at a smallish but active Episcopal Church southeast of Akron — New Life in Uniontown. Marianne told me about her visit, enthused about the congregation and the Rector. Coincidentally, I had spoken on the phone with the priest just a few days before: Beth Frank, who earned her MDiv with us in 2013.

Our core work here at Bexley Seabury is the interaction among students and faculty in classrooms, chapels, casual conversations, and other settings on or near campus. But our effect on the Church and the world is diffuse and indirect. We touch the world through our graduates, through their ministries.

Beth’s ministry is being noticed and appreciated. Marianne, a Lutheran lay person, travelling out of state, is excited about the gospel community which is New Life, Uniontown. And she sees how Beth is leading that community.

If you are an alumnae/i, know that we cherish your ministry. It is how we make our biggest impact. If you are a financial supporter of Bexley Seabury, the aggregate ministry of our graduates, the lay and ordained leaders we help educate and form, is what you are supporting. It is our bit of leaven in the world.