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Alums Know Best

Getting a head start on a good harvest

You who have experienced Seabury-Western, Bexley Hall, or Bexley Seabury, know first-hand the  faithful and rigorous education we enjoy here. You alumnae and alumni are leaders in the Church and in your communities. You know personally the ongoing heritage, the community values you are supporting when you give to Bexley Seabury.

Some of us were brought up in a time when it was normal to serve the family canned peas. They are no challenge to teeth, and their color is more khaki than green. For convenience and taste most of us have stepped up to frozen peas (which, in the bag, double as a cold compress). But both canned and frozen peas are faint mimics of fresh-shucked English peas —
just picked from the garden and freed from the pod. The savory sweetness, emerald color, and nutty texture are wonderful. My description can’t replace the experience for you.               

It is the same with theological education. Nothing can replace the collegiality, fellowship, scholarship, and rich education you find here. That is true whether served in the traditional forms of days gone by, or in the responsive and creative forms learning takes on these days. To stay with the metaphor, those of you who support Bexley Seabury are supporting a "farm-to-table" community.                 

June is the end point for the 2015 Annual Fund. While the Episcopal Church gathers for General Convention in Salt Lake City, we will quietly begin the 2016 Annual Fund — forming more leaders to carry out God’s mission. If you are one of the people, alums and others, who have contributed to the 2015 Annual Fund, THANK YOU — we cherish you.              

Each of us can help the 2016 Annual Fund get a head start. We will more formally invite gifts in September, but any contributions offered this summer will put us that much further ahead.  

As always, your support will be spread on fertile ground. Let’s contribute to a good harvest.

Conrad Selnick
Vice President for Advancement and Church Relations