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Accolades and Alums

Strength in numbers and leadership

We experienced a little more urgency around the deadlines for our annual magazine this year here at Bexley Seabury. As you are aware, it is a General Convention year, and we wanted to have the magazine available there at our booth. We normally publish the magazine after the academic, Annual Fund, and fiscal years close at the end of June, actually printing it in July. General Convention 78 convened on June 25, and we were ready with copies of magazine on hand at our booth and in the mail.

Thank you all for your support and feedback.

One of our Trustees Associates sent us this:

“I received the latest issue of the Bexley Seabury magazine and want to congratulate you all. It is excellent and will be well received by all who receive it.”

Here is a little bit about our General Convention experience “by the numbers,” as it were.

  • A001... “Restructure for Spiritual Encounter,” the resolution (adopted) which most directly deals with Episcopal seminaries
  • 4... Number of faculty, staff, and board members elected to positions by General Convention (Tom Ferguson, member, Board of Examining Chaplains; Suzi Holding and Deborah Stokes, members, Disciplinary Panel for Bishops; Sandra McFee, member, Church Pension Fund Board)
  • 14... Total number of faculty, staff, board members, and alums who rotated through staffing our booth
  • 20... Number of average minutes President Roger Ferlo spent in personal conversation with any given prospective student
  • 64... Total number of hours the booth was open
  • 120... Attendance at our Bexley Seabury reception honoring the ministries of alumnae and alumni
  • 200... Number of Bexley Seabury backpacks given away

Our alums were very well represented among the Deputies to General Convention. We estimate that 18% of General Convention 78 deputies and alternates graduated Bexley Seabury, Seabury-Western, or Bexley Hall—a remarkable statitic and testimony to the caliber of our graduates.

We welcomed to our booth numerous alumni and alumnae from Bexley Seabury and Seabury-Western. As for Bexley Hall alums, also out in numbers, people from each of our three eras—Columbus, Rochester, and even Gambier—stopped by to say hello.

Our alums are the fruits of our labor. Our ministry is fulfilled in your ministry. We value your support and that of everyone in our broader donor community. Thank you.
Conrad Selnick
Vice President for Advancement and Church Relations