Tuition & Fees | Academic Year 2016-2017

2016–2017 Tuition

Anglican Studies Diploma, MDiv, and DMin in Congregational Development Courses *

Academic Credit:
$1770 per 3-credit course

Continuing Education Units:
$500 per 3-credit course 

Enrichment (audit/no credit):
$475 per course—see below for course expectations

* Cross registrations:  Tuition for courses taken at Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) are billed at CTS tuition rates. An online course fee may apply. Click here for details

DMin in Preaching

$3,996 per 3-week session—for more information, see the ACTS DMin in Preaching website

2016–2017 Fees

DMin in Congregational Development

Candidacy Fee:  $650 charged upon approval of the thesis proposal
Graduation Fee:  $150 charged after acceptance of thesis and before graduation
Continuation Fee:  $400 per year charged 6 months following the completion of all core courses and annually thereafter until the degree is completed

Diploma Programs, and MDiv

Graduation Fee:  $150

[Please note:  tuition and fees are reviewed annually, and are subject to change.]

2016–2017 Registration Fees, Deadlines & Refund Policies

Registration Fee

There are no registration fees, except for the Bexley Seabury Leadership Institute.

The registration fee for the Bexley Seabury Leadership Institute is $250. The fee is refundable only if the course is cancelled by Bexley Seabury.

Registration Deadlines

Courses are offered in an intensive format. This format requires students to complete reading and assignments before the first meeting of the class. Because of this requirement, the registration deadlines are as follows:

Fall Term 2016: registration deadline is August 19, 2016
January Term 2017: registration deadline is December 12, 2016
Spring Term 2017: registration deadline is January 16, 2017
June Term 2017: registration deadline is May 1, 2017

Late Registration and Fees

Students wishing to register after these dates must receive permission from the instructor and a non-refundable $50 late fee will be charged.

Withdrawal Policy

Students withdrawing from a weekend-intensive course will receive refunds as follows:

Withdrawal before the first weekend: full refund
Withdrawal during the first weekend: 60% refund
Withdrawal after the first weekend and before the second weekend: 50% refund
Withdrawal during or after the second weekend: no refund

Students withdrawing from a week-long intensive course will receive refunds as follows:

Withdrawal before the first day: full refund
Withdrawal after the first day and before the second day: 75% refund
Withdrawal after the second day and before the third day: 50% refund
Withdrawal on or after the third day: no refund

For courses that are offered in a format other than those above or that have a registration fee other than $100, the withdrawal policy will conform as much as possible to the general structure of the policies listed above.

There is no refund after June 12th, 2017 for students taking the 3-day Bexley Seabury Leadership Institute at the Kellogg School, starting on June 19th, 2017.

Students Taking Courses for Enrichment (Audit/No Credit)

Students taking courses for Enrichment are expected to read materials assigned and be prepared to participate in class discussions.

Enrichment students are not required to submit assignments, and instructors are not required to read or respond to such assignments.

Enrichment students are subject to the same policies as students taking these courses for credit (see above) with the following exception: they may register up to one week before the first class without incurring a late fee if they have received permission from the instructor and contact the registrar to confirm.

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