Community Based Wellness Ministries: Reimagining Pastoral Care with Congregations and Their Surrounding Communities

June 2017

This course provides a psycho/social/theological framework for understanding healing, health, wellness and wholeness and will offer ways a local congregation can offer a community based wellness ministry that serves both the congregation and the surrounding community. Ministries of support and healing are essential to the life of a local congregation. How does the church support individuals, couples, and families who are not ill, but desire to cultivate wholeness and wellness? Community based wellness ministries are a way for congregations to nurture wholeness and wellness, providing a strength-based, proactive approach to enhancing spiritual, relational, emotional, vocational, and physical wellness within and through connecting with the surrounding neighborhood of a local congregation.

MDiv students who wish to take this course (ML 571) must first obtain the instructor’s permission. Total enrollment is capped at 15 students but if the cap is reached, the instructor will entertain requests for a limited number of additional students.

Dates: June 5-9, 2017
Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner
Course number: ML 571/671
Location: The Nicholas Center, St. James Commons, 65 E. Huron, Chicago, IL

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