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Chicago Convocation 2015 Set for April 29

JoinUs ConvocationBanner 022515Join us for a day of prayer, study, and fellowship

Alumnae/alumni, supporters, and friends of Seabury-Western, Bexley Hall and Bexley Seabury will gather Wednesday, April 29 for Chicago Convocation 2015. The day represents an opportunity to continue our journey—as Christians and as a learning and leadership community.

All events will take place on the St. James Commons campus at 65 East Huron (700 North, one block west of Michigan Avenue), Chicago, home to the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago and St. James Cathedral. Scroll down for a schedule recap and information on parking and travel by CTA.

To help us plan hospitality, please RESERVE by April 15 with Event Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.—THANK YOU. For more information, contact VP Advancement and Church Relations This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

10 AM–4 PM...Exhibit: Historic Prayer Books & Bibles, 1526–1903

We’ve arranged a rare opportunity to view a fascinating selection of prayer books, Bibles, and devotional volumes from the collection of Michael Morgan, church musician, psalm scholar, and author.

“The Whole Boke of Psalmes, Collected into English Metre…Very Mete to be Used by All Sorts of People…Laying Apart All Ungodly Songs and Ballades, which Tend Onely to the Nourishing of Vice and Corrupting of Youth”

–1562 First Complete Metrical Psalter in English


The exhibit spans nearly four centuries of church history and worship practices. Among the volumes that will be on display are the 1562 First Complete Metrical Psalter in English (quoted above), multiple examples of the 1611 Authorized “King James” Bible, and 1797 Book of Common Prayer with elocution instructions by Shakespearean actor David Garrick. Whether your interests are theological, liturgical, literary, or historical, you’re sure to appreciate this exciting exhibit.

2 PM and 3 PM...Two Engaging Workshops

Collector Michael Morgan will help us further appreciate the day’s exhibit in his workshop, “The Beauty of Holiness: Word and Worship in the English Church.” Bexley Seabury President Roger Ferlo will lead a lively discussion in a second workshop, “Speaking of Faith: Worship, Mission and Theological Education Today.”

4 PM...Keynote Address on 21st Century Technology for Sharing the Gospel

Gunn Scott Dec 2014Keynote speaker Scott Gunn, executive director of Forward Movement, will present “From Sinai to Cupertino: Technology, Social Media, and Evangelism,” an investigation of how people of faith have always used advances in technology to communicate, study God’s word, and share the gospel.

Scott’s presentation will draw on his pre-ordination experience in the technology sphere, his years as a priest, preaching, teaching and offering pastoral care, and his current ministry with Forward Movement.

5:30 PM...Prayer and Fellowship

At 5:30 we will have Evensong in the nave of St. James Cathedral, which was restored in 1985 to bring back the English Arts and Crafts stenciled interiors introduced in 1888-1889. The Cathedral also features notable windows from the Victorian and later periods.

Following Evensong, we will return to St. James Commons for a closing reception.

We look forward to welcoming you on April 29.

Schedule RECAP

♦ Exhibit (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.): Selected Works from the Morgan Collection

♦ Workshop One (2 to 2:45 p.m.): “The Beauty of Holiness: Word and Worship in the English Church” led by Michael Morgan

♦ Workshop Two (3 to 3:45 p.m.): “Speaking of Faith: Worship, Mission and Theological Education Today” led by Bexley Seabury President Roger Ferlo

♦ Keynote Address (4 to 5 p.m.): "From Sinai to Cupertino: Technology, Social Media, and Evangelism" presented by Scott Gunn, executive director of Forward Movement

♦ Evensong (5:30 p.m.): St. James Cathedral

♦ Reception at St. James Commons

GETTING To st. james commons at 65 East Huron...Parking & CTA options


The Diocese of Chicago offers parking validation for two nearby lots:

♦ Millennium Centre Self Park, 
33 W. Ontario

♦ Rush-Ohio-Wabash (ROW) Self Park
, 50 E. Ohio (312.986.3390)—$14.00 for up to 8 hours


EL: Take the Red Line to the Chicago Avenue station. Walk 2 blocks south on State Street and 1 1/2 blocks east on Huron.

BUS: Routes with stops on Michigan Avenue, Chicago Avenue, State Street or Clark are all good options.

Consider planning your CTA trip at

March 2015 Alumni Cycle of Prayer

Week of March 2 - Bexley Hall Class of 1984-1987

Judith A. Moore, Richard H. Stevenson, Donald L. Turner, Rudolph J. Van der Hiel, Peter P. Brennan, James R. Davis, Ellen S. Huarwitz, Kathleen A. Milliken, Sandra C. Paran, Laurie J. Skau, Brian K. Wilbert, Susan D. Collett, Scott A. Daniels, Patricia S. Hobson, Sharon Karl, Robert M. Lindberg, William Logan, Paul E. Walker, Craig B. Chapman, Richard A. Demarest, John Docker, Terence K. Fleming, Sheila Kane, Dorothy B. Kreher

March 3 - Seabury-Western Class of 1994

Wanda R. Copeland, Judith A. Culpepper, Betty R. Frolick, Kathleen M. Galvin, Marilynn D. Gilbert, James R. Harlan, Richard C. Higginbotham, Judy K. Hipple, John M. Holland, Benita G. Jarrett, James B. Lewis, Leslie Martin, Beth H. Maynard, Penny Pfab, Jane Schaefer, Thomas A. Thoeni, Edward B. Watson

Week of March 9 - Bexley Hall Class of 1987-1990

Yvonne Lucia, Jeffrey S. Moore, Lorene H. Potter, Maryann Taylor, Stephen G. Williamson, Susan C. Armer, Adele F. Chappell, Winifred Collin, Carole J. McGowan, Ronald Pillay, Cristine V. Rockwell, Phillis I. Sheppard, David J. Horning, Christine A. Humphrey, Frances K. Johnson, J.D. Lortscher, Ray S. Messenger, Barbara A. Moore, Robert Walcott, James D. Wright, Hugh F. Brady, David P. Chalk, Claudine P. Crooks, David J. DeSmith

Week of March 16 - Bexley Hall Class of 1990-1992

Harry A. Elliott, Robert Gaudio, Patricia L. Jones, William E. Mann, Scott E. McCleary, Diane E. Morgan, Ralph W. Strohm, Karen S. Sundland, Donald R. Watkins, Mary Alonzo, Eleanor R. Atwood-Tarbell, Susan M. Champion, John F. Floberg, Gerald J. Harris, Donald W. Matthews, Merrie A.  Need, David A. Peck, Wesley S. Rehberg, Robert M. Stocksdale, Jeanette E. Tweedy, A.W. Valentine, Mary J. Wolf-Foster, Sandra C. Arrington, Jennifer Atlee-Loudon

March 17 - Seabury-Western Class of 1995

Alvaro Araica, Sarah J. Boelter, Elaine S. Caldbeck, Krista A. Cameron, Robin L. Chance, Joycelyn Degener, Ted. E. Durst, James P. Haney, Mercy G. Hobbs, Charles H. Howell, Linda Hughes, David Hussey, Mary Lou Kator, Karen C. Lewis, Marjorie E. Mair-Hansen, T.Abigail Murphy, Susan S. Payne, Richard A. Ressler, Michelle K. J. Roos

February 2015 Alumni Cycle of Prayer

February 3 - Seabury-Western Class of 1991

Joan M. Anthony, Susan M. Champion, William H. Dorn, Kathryn N. Elledge, Thomas W. Gibson, Linda F. Green, Raymond J. Hanna, Jerome A. Hinson, Judith H. Hoover, Joseph D. Jerome, Glenn W. Kanestrom, Walter LaBatt, Gary L. London, James B. May, Margaret A. Natterman

Week of February 2 - Bexley Hall Class of 1971 and 1972

Ernest S. Harrelson, John H. Haswell, Peter K. Kwong, Donald H. Smith, Calvin Steck, William C. Tapley, Gordon F. Weller, Todd H. Wetzel, Merrill Bittner, Susan H. Bobek, Melvin A. Hoover, Abraham Kadavil

Week of February 9 - Bexley Hall Class of 1972-1977

Gary K. Knoss, Leon L. Love, W.C. Prescott, Albert S. Sam, Betty Schiess, Lawrence B. Lewis, Keith E. Mathews, Keith Mills, Douglas J. Reans, Philip D. Schaefer, Wallace F. Caldwell, Michael Forbes, R.J. Patnaude, Hays H. Rockwell, Mary Dombeck, Henry C. Galganowicz, Linda S. Herbert, Marilyle S. Page, Betty Powell, Rodney Reinhart, Dorothy M. Ruhl, Beverly Messenger-Harris, William C. Webb, John F. LaVoe

February 10 - Seabury-Western Class of 1991 and 1992

Kurt B. Neilson, Darrel D. Proffitt, Robert T. Rachal, Juan Y. Reed, Shawn M. Schreiner, Michael G. Smith, Stanley J. Smith, Melanie L. Spears, Megan M. Traquair, Gail L. Vince, Robert D. Arnold, Kathryn Beich Young, Richard S. Bellows, William M. Bennett, Susan J. Blubaugh, Denis C. Brunelle, Lynne T. Carver, Mary A. Davis, John E. Denson, Timothy M. Dombek

Week of February 16 - Bexley Hall Class of 1978-1980

Daniel K. Anderson, Terrence P. Dautel, Warren H. Deane, Margaret Houghton-Minnick, Stephen T. Lane, Karen Mosso, Geoffrey Schmitt, Eddie Blue, Kathryn H. Eden, Peter Fabian, Gloria Fish, Stephen J. Gehrig, Bonnelyn Kunze, MaryAnn C. Mroczka, Jane A. Strong, Walter Szymanski, Charles G. Taylor, Caroline F. Bruschi, Saundra L. Cordingley, Robert S. Culp, Frank Hegedus, W.D. Lyon, Lawrence L. Mothersell, Miriam Owens

February 17 - Seabury-Western Class of 1992

Richard S. Emrich, Rodney E. Gordon, Michael J. Haas, Paula D. Jones, Nancy L. Malloy, Nancy Milholland, Ralph J. Mollica, Clint Moore, Louise K. Oakes, Pauline T. Perry, Darryl J. Pigeon, John M. Senyonyi, Barbara J. Seras, Maruice L. Strong, Mark A. Thomas

Week of February 23 - Bexley Hall Class of 1980-1984

Barbara H. Teeter, James L. Davis, Nicklas A. Mezacapa, Nancy H. Shepherd, Anne Waasdorp, Clara E. Wong, Peter Bunder, Joseph P. Gillespie, William B. Hobbs, Barbara Humphrey, Jeffery M. Kirk, Lanny Law, Karina Ramins,  Sheila A. Shepherd, Kathleen R. Eickwort, Leona M. Irsch, Nancy J. Lane, David G. Smith, Lincoln F. Stelk, Christine E. Brown, J.M. Carter, Margaret Cutler, Catherine B. Lewis, James R. Lund, Martha Metzler

February 24 - Seabury-Western Class of 1993

Sarah E. Bailey, Michael E. Brtolomeo, Jocelyn Bell, Barbara L. Bond, Mary I. Boodt, Elizabeth Coulter, Eugenia Durham, Charles C. Elledge, Margaret G. Harker, Ulis D. Hekel, Georgia Humphrey, Brian A. Jemmott, Elizabeth G. Krajewski, Tambria E. Lee, Lionel E. McGehee


January 2015 Alumni Cycle of Prayer

January 5 - Seabury-Western Class of 1982

Gordon A. Bardos, Peter R. Besenbruch, Robert L. Bethea, Chris C. Cavender, Robert B. Clarke, Prentiss C. Dunn, Jan C. Heller, Russell W. Johnson, Jeffrey T. Liddy, Randall R. Lyle, Carol McConnell, Kathy A. Meilner, Joshua S. Oyinlola, Lance Robbins

January 6 - Seabury-Western Class of 1983

Caroline M Bain, Graham G. Berry, David C. Cobb, Frederick R. Engdahl, William R. Guerard, Robert E. Hensley, James F. Lyon, Anne Miner-Pearson, Richard A. Nelson, Catharine S. Phillips

January 8 - Seabury-Western Class of 1983 and 1984

Theodore Schurch, Jean M. Scribner, Timothy Shaw, Richard Stevens, Mark D. Story, William D. Waff, Lynn S. White, George F. Woodward, Ralph L. Bailey, William L. Bippus, Richard L. Crozier, Donald F. Davidson, Albert G. Daviou, Donna Gafford, Violet Marie Haberkorn

January 9 - Seabury-Western Class of 1984

Michael P. Herman, J. Robert Honeychurch, Steven D. Lawler, Bruce L. MacDuffie, Gene P. Marciniak, Terry McCall, Daniel Prechtel, Alonzo C. Pruitt, Franklin P. Schuster, Pamela Stringer, Ernie C. Sumrall, Richard A. Wagner, R.E. Wallace, Tamsen E. Whistler, Anne J. Wrider

January 12 - Seabury-Western Class of 1985

Joel Atkinson, Mark R. Brinkmann, John P. Burton, Gilbert T. Crosby, Randall Day, David R. Francoeur, Bruce W. Gray, Andrew Green, Robert Kem, Earle C. King, Louise Kountze, Robert Lundquist, James R. McDonald, Marilyn J. Melin

January 13 - Seabury-Western Class of 1985

Ruth A. Meyers, Meredith W. Potter, Joy E. Rogers, Thomas Slawson, Edward M. Sunderland, Sylvia A. Sweeney, I.Doyle Turner, Jean P. Vail, Terry A. White, Brian K. Wilbert, James A. Wilson, Claire K. Wolterstorff, Margaret S. Wright

January 15 - Seabury-Western Class of 1986

Peter N. Campbell, Kathryn S. Campbell, Ralph L. Carnes, Andrea M. Ciss, Alicia L. Crawford, Nancy Feriani, James N. Gabb, Mark A. Giroux, Pamela S. Gregory, John R. Johnson, Victoria L. Kempf, Gary Lambert

January 16 - Seabury-Western Class of 1986 and 1987

Peggy H. Lannan, G. Raphael Mackey, Paul S. Nancarrow, Michael B. Russell, Kristy Smith, Patrick T. Twomey, Randall R. Warren, Anne K. Bartlett, William S. Blackerby, Charles S. Boldine, Beverly F. Bradley, Charles E. Bradley

January 19 - Seabury-Western Class of 1987

Melvin A. Bridge, Andrew M. Dietsche, John R. Durgan, Wendell N. Gibbs, C. Anne Hallmark, Gayle H. King, Wilma J. Lawrence, Carol A. Mader, Charles Montileaux, Judson P. Pealer, Martin Pfab, Gerald Sevick, Margaret Y. Weiner

January 20 - Seabury-Western Class of 1988

Bradley L. Carter, Peter R. Coffin, Glen L. Gleaves, Jannel T. Glennie, Yeghia Hairabedian, Michael W. Hopkins, S. Scott Hunter, Thomas D. Janiec, Shannon S. Johnston, Sarah E. Lewis, William J. McIlmoyl, Larry C. Minter, D. Maria Neighbors, Manuel J. Padilla

January 22 - Seabury-Western Class of 1988 and 1989

Raymond J. Potter, Jeanette M. Repp, John D. Rice, Martini Shaw, Winston T. Sweeney, Michael K. Adams, John S. Adler, Suzanne Apple, Virginia L. Bennett, Richard J. Bormes, James E. Campbell, Peter O. Champion, John R. Childress, Freeman G. Cross, Matthew J. Faulstich

January 23 - Seabury-Western Class of 1989

Sheila Ferguson, Roberta P. Kirby, Denzil J. Luckritz, Henry L. Naidoo, Susan K. Nanny, Simeon E. Newbold, Linda A. Packard, Robert G. Partlow, Ruth G. Partlow, George M. Ross, Kathleen S. Russell, Michael D. Schnatterly, Harriet G. Shands, Douglas E. Sparks, Richard S. Westbury

January 27 - Seabury-Western Class of 1990

Susan E. Bentley, James B. Bernacki, Geoffrey T. Boyer, Barbara B. Chaffee, Robert L. Chiles, Richard D. Cloud, Zabron A. Davis, Julia K. Easley, Bradley S. Hauff, Catherine M. Kuschel, John G. Myers, Paula C. Rachal, Carl A. Roos, Karen J. Schreiber, Rock H. Schuler, Shelby H. Scott, Suzanne E. Seavey, Jerrold A. Thompson, Patricia S. Williams, George D. Young

December 2014 Alumni Cycle of Prayer

December 1 - Seabury-Western Class of 1978

Anne Campbell, Mark H. Chattin, Leo J. Combes, P.W. Greeley, John H. Heschle, Thomas E. Hightower, Robert Kitson, Walter J. Leigh, Sam McClain, Jane L. McDermott, Richard D. Oberheide, Margaret M. Pendry, George G. Riggall, William D. Roberts, Gary E. Rowe, Douglas P. Schwert, Steven T. Thorp

Week of December 1 - Bexley Hall Class of 1967-1968

D. S. Katerlis, Richard S. Krejci, Erwin O. Lafser, George H. Martin, Mattley T. Mason, Richard L. May, Richard D. Muir, Robert D. North, George Six, Charles W. Taylor, Donald C. Wilkinson, George W. Wyer, Philip T. Zabriskie, J.S. Bergmann, Calvin L. Davis, Gilbert L. Hubbell, Thomas B. Kinsey, John R. Kirkman, Richard L. Osborne, William J. Paran, Graham T. Pierce, Bobby J. Saucer, Jack L. Savage, Ishmael L. Shaw

December 6 - Seabury-Western Class of 1979

John D. Bassett, Phillip C. Bennett, Dennis A. Blauser, Stephen L. Brehe, Robert M. Bruckart, Robert C. Bustrin, John H. Dixon, Suzanne A. Fageol, Bruce A. Flickinger, Richard M. Flynn, Albert L. Holland, Frank W. Hughes, Alvin C. Johnson

Week of December 8 - Bexley Hall Class of 1969-1971

Arthur L. Bennett, Maurice V. Champion-Garth, Victor Frederiksen, David A. Garcia, Raleigh D. hairston, James N. Hunter, William J. Rauch, Edwin K. Sisk, Douglas B. Weiss, Donald G. Wilson, Byron L. Hall, Samuel O. Hosler, James S. Russell, James E. Baltzell, Kenneth G. Benne, Roy F. Cederholm, David Gellatly, Charles I. Granger

December 9 - Seabury-Western Class of 1979

Stephen M. Carpenter, Philip H. Kasey, G. C. Keen, Robert D. Matheus, Ellis O. Mayfield, George E. Pence, Thomas T. Pittenger, Steven W. Raulerson, Bruce L. Rose, Deborah S. Scott, Richard E. Shields, Masud I. Syedullah, Janice F. Walker, Michael B. Williams

December 16 - Seabury-Western Class of 1980

Chilton Knudsen, Frederick E. Myers, Joseph C. Neiman, Louis Oats, Faith C. Perrizo, Kenneth J. Semon, Paul Shaffer, John H. Spruhan, Timothy B. Thomas, Kenneth H. Toven

December 23 - Seabury-Western Class of 1981

Caroline Angus, Stephen I. Bartlett, Jeff L. Bunke, Nancy E. Calhoun, Christopher R. Cyran, Michael Dudley, Michael E. Ellis, Linda P. Fernandez, Michael J. Hanley, Stephen C. Secaur, John W. Sewell, Scott Stoner, Douglas Taylor-Weiss, Bruce N. Torrey, Claudia L. Windal

November 2014 Alumni Cycle of Prayer

Week of November 3 - Bexley Hall Class of 1960-1962

Eugene E. Grumbine, Lyman G. Kauffman, Otto J. Schaefer, Hugh Benninga, William V. Brook, Gene E. Curry, Philip S. Hanni, Armand E. Larive, William E. Lyle, Alfred E. Morris, Jess J. Petty, Phillip J. Rapp, John J. Reinheimer, David S. Sipes, Charles E. Sturm, Robert G. Willoughby, William A. Baker, Arthur C. Dilg, John F. Glover, William C. Hamm, David S. Luckett, Eugune E. Oliver, Leroy Ostrander, George S. Plattenburg

November 1 - Seabury-Western Class of 1971

Charles H. Christopher, G. Douglas Eberly, Robert D. Harmon, John A. Lawrence, Edward S. Little, Frederick R. Nestrock, Wayne L. Pelkey, W. Theron Roberts, Jr., Dale L. Smith, Suzanne E. Thompson, William A. Thompson, Harry N. White, Robert O. Wyatt

November 4 - Seabury-Western Class of 1972

John R. Beasley, C. Christopher Epting, John F. Fergueson, Jerry D. Godwin, James A. Hammond, Thomas G. Harris, Barbara J. Hector, Jerry E. Hill, John R. Kenny, Katherine Nestrock, John R. Paal, George Parmeter, Tyrus C. Petty, Reese S. Rickards, James R. Sorenson, John Wall

November 8 - Seabury-Western Class of 1973

J. Kenneth Asel, Evan A. Ash, William D. Barnhart, Peder G. Berdahl, Carl T. Cannon, Mark C. Engle, Frederick L. Jones, James E. Krotz, Spencer Lindsay, Donald S. Lofman, James S. MacConnell, John Palarine, Cedric E. Pearson, Craig Pooser, Thomas G. Smith

Week of November 10 - Bexley Hall Class of 1962-1964

Richard E. Shinn, Douglas E. Theuner, Thomas F. Webster, Roy A. Benjamin, Robert C. Brook, Charles H. Gill, Arthur C. Hadley, Donald W. Menzi, Robert J. Mitchell, Paul H. Moser, Thomas C. Shepherd, Marlowe D. Anderson, Carl E. Creswell, David Dunning, William R. Fleming, Wiliam B. Fulks, Fayette P. Grose, James C. Hart, John W. Inman, Ralph G. McGimpsey, John G. McIntyre, Paul C. Morrison, James L. Nelson, Robert H. New

November 11 - Seabury-Western Class of 1974

Lawrence D. Bausch, Theodore W. Bean, Robert L. Beasley, Robert G. Bralmett, Virginia D. Brown, David A. Cameron, Thomas W. Gray, Walter J. Griesmeyer, J. Robert Hector, Walter F. Hendricks, Robert W. Homer, Janice A. Hotze, Pamela Mulac, Bruce C. Olgilvie, Stephen B. Snider, Kent W. Tarpley, Herbert P. Tinning, Craig R. Wylie

November 15 - Seabury-Western Class of 1975

Alex A. Aiton, William B. Austin, Lee M. Bossart, Jerry C. Doherty, James D. Ingles, Michael R. Long, Phebe L. McPherson, Joseph I. Moore, Samuel W. Morrison, Nancy Platt, Larry J. Roback

Week of November 17 - Bexley Hall Class of 1964-1967

Clinton L. Reynolds, Dennis L. Serdahl, William W. Stickle, Hugh A. Whitesell, John E. Bowers, Charles H. Coit, Isaac Kikawada, Jack C. Potter, Larry G. Smellie, Thomas R. Waddell, Allan E. Belton, William Byers, Bruce W. Chambers, Miles O. Cooper, C.David Cottrill, David C. Fox, Charles M. Irish, Robert A. King, Donne E. Puckle, Charles W. Ransom, William S. Adams, Winston Davis, Ernest S. DuRoss, Donald W. Jaikes

November 18 - Seabury-Western Class of 1976

Josyln Angus, Annette Arnold-Boyd, Chul B. Chung, Leslie Combs, George E. Deatrick, William L. Flodin, Lynne Hamilton Wray, Carl Jensen, Don E. Johnson, Paul D. Kidd, William Kruse, Mark L. Middleton, Roger E. Miller, David L. Moyer, Martin O'Rourke, William H. Risinger, Grace J. Trapp, Ralph M. Tuck, James S. Wilson

November 25 - Seabury-Western Class of 1977

Richard A. Benedict, Jonathan B. Coffey, Christopher G. Colby, Jerome H. Colegrove, Patricia Eichenlaub, Steven M. Giovangelo, Ernest G. Matijascic, John L. Peterson, Robert E. Rutkowski, Catherine F. Scott, Robert W. Scott, Richard Thieme, Louis L. Tobola, Robert A. Towner

October 2014 Alumni Cycle of Prayer

Week of October 6 - Bexley Hall Class of 1949-1953

Gilbert M. Watt, William F. Davis, John H. Duff, Malcolm W. McClenaghan, Charles M. Priebe, Herbert J. Vandort, John Derbyshire, Thomas C. Seitz, Donald A. Stivers, Lester B. Thomas, Thomas E. Vossler, Donna Whitenack, Marcus G. Wood, Charles A. Forbes, George L. Sidwell, Richard B. Andersen, Richard R. Anderson, Donald M. Hultstrand, Marvin H. Hummel, Kale F. King, John Leo, Stanley G. Matthews, Malcolm H. Prouty, William B. Watson

October 7 - Seabury Western Class of 1964

Sylvia Bradfield-Mitchell, Barbara A. Campbell, William F. Ellington, David H. Evans, Enrico M. Gnasso, John B. Houck, David L. Hyndman, Terry W. Jackson, William F. Johnson, Hewitt V. Johnston, William D. Ladkau, Mason F. Minich, William C. Shirey, James C. Slack, Robert H. Speer, Dietrich Stollberg, Claud A. Thompson, Richmond F. Thweatt, Peter E. Van Zanten, Stephen M. Winsett, Jeannene F. Wright

October 11 - Seabury Western Class of 1965

John S. Bradbury, Gustav Brunston, Harvey G. Cook, Sheila Crawford, Drury H. Green, Reginald R. Gunn, Timothy J. Hallett, John A. Holmen, Frederick F. Hovey, Stewart H. Jones, Michael R. Link, C. H. Meacham, Gary F. Odle, Ronald D. Osborne, Lewis A. Payne, Harry S. Tipton, Donald L. Turner, Robert C. Weaver, James B. Wilson, Charles E. Wood

October 14 - Seabury Western Class of 1966

Charles E. Bennison, Douglas C. Burger, John H. Burk, Robert A. Buss, T. Kimball Cannon, Bruce W. Coggin, Frank L. Faust, Raymond E. Fleming, Thomas A. Fraser, Frank P. George, Frank H. Grubbs, Sanford Z. Hampton, Charles G. Hopkins, John F. Husband, V. Stanley Maneikis, Jeffrey D. McClough, Paul C. Ostrander, Thomas A. Pantle, John W. Penn, Marilyn A. Snodgrass, W. James Spicer, Samuel S. Thomas

Week of October 20th - Bexley Hall Class of 1954-1957

David M. Bercaw, Charles H. Berry, John H. MacNaughton, Harold G. Norman, Willard G. Prater, John G. Shoemaker, George Anderson, Lewis P. Bohler, David C. Cargill, John S. Dilley, Everett H. Greene, Neal J. Harris, Charles P. Martin, Randall P. Mendelsohn, David W. Pumphrey, Dertrude Rector, Allan W. Reed, George C. Spratt, Albert S. Chappelear, Robert J. Elliott, Loretta Hepp, James M. Lichliter, William W. Wiedrich, Robert E. Black

October 21 - Seabury Western Class of 1967-1968 

G. Michael Bell, Clarence F. Decker, Gethin B. Hughes, Norman Y. Ishizaki, Florence Janjigian, Lester B. Singleton, John W. Steinfeld, Stephen C. Summerville, Roger W. Weaver, James E. Allemeier, Lawrence R. Boyd, Jervis O. Burns, Mark S. Cady, Gary Y. Canion, John F. Crist, Arthur L. Cunningham, Carl O. Danielson, Errol A. Harvey, Jerry W. Kolb, James S. Massie

October 25 - Seabury Western Class of 1968-1969

James W. McDonald, John F. Rice, Reginald C. Rodman, Karl G. Weddle, Robert L. Woodbury, Douglas E. Woodbridge, James H. Dunkerley, David A. Egbert, Charles B. King, Robert M. Maxwell, David M. Moss, James A. Schumacher, John P. Smith

Week of October 27 - Bexley Hall Class of 1957-1960

Russell G. Geen, Charles W. Henley, McAlister C. Marshall, Sherrill Scales, Sidney T. Smith, Webster A. Two Hawk, Thomas D. Hughes, Marianna Klimenko, Stephen P. Pressey, R. Richard Tickner, Arthur R. Van Deventer, Charles M. Vogt, Robert H. Walton, Wilbur R. Ellis, Robert D. Fenwick, James W. Francis, James W. Kellett, Gerald W. Richards, Jeffery M. Richards, Robert S. Shank, Eugene E. Smercina, T. Tim Solon, James W. Watkins, PV George

October 28 - Seabury Western Class of 1970

Kenneth R. Bullock, Richard W. Chamberlin, Lenore E. Dixon, Arra M. Garab, Jospeh M. Gohn, Thomas E. Honderich, Peter Huiner, Bryce E. Hunt, Kate S. Knapp, William Lieber, Rodney R. Michel, Pelham E. Mills, William H. O'Neill, Trenton L. Pitcher, Carlos A. Plazas, Harold J. Spelman, Spencer E. Thiel, Peter W. Wenner


In Memorium - Fall 2014

We recently received news of the death of Dr. David Dunning (Colgate Rochester/Bexley Hall/Crozer Divinity School, '64).  He was ordained in the Episcopal Church in 1964 and served parishes in Columbus, Washington and Seattle.  

Dunning was preceded in death by his parents, Frank and Marie; brothers, Edward and Duncan.  He  is survived by his wife of 55 years, Donna; daughter, Dianne (Steven Marks); two grandchildren: George Henry Marks and Sydney Dunning Marks.

A celebration of Dunning's life was held at St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, WA on August 29, 2014.  


We have received word of the death of the Rev. Joseph A. Howell(Seabury '54) on Aug. 31, 2014. He was ordained to the Episcopal Priesthood in 1954 and served parishes in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Western Springs,  and Wilmette. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of Seabury-Western from 1971 through 1984.

Howell was preceded in death by his parents, Ralph and Elizabeth; brother, Philip; and first wife, Georgia Bale Howell. He is survived by his wife of 32 years, Jeanne; sons, Joseph A. Howell, Jr., the Rev. Charles Howell (SWTS 1995); daughter, Lisa Campos; step-daughter, Meredith Soddy; four grandchildren; three step-grandchildren; four step-great grandchildren; brother, David; one aunt and many cousins.

Funeral services will be Saturday, Oct. 4 at 11:30 a.m. at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids. Visitation is an hour before service and during the post-service luncheon.

September Alumni Cycle of Prayer

September 2 - Seabury Western Class of 1939-1950

Joseph P. Hollifield, Allan L. Ramsay, James P. DeWolfe, Jr., Robert A. Moore, Dale W. Cosand, Joseph W. Turnbull, Hobart J. Gary, Richard J. Hardman, William F. Maxwell, Robert S. Spicer-Smith, Theodoros N. Thalassinos, Robert F. Capon, Richard B. Adams, Samuel R. Boman, James M. Dennison, Grover C. McElyea, Marshall V. Minister, John S. Reuf, R.E Thrumston, William H. Wagner, Jr.

September 9 - Seabury Western Class of 1951-1953

John S. Jenkins, Stephen E. T. Kim, Robert B. Lucent, Donald A. Stivers, Francis C. Tatem, Richard C. Adams, Norman H. Barbour, William H. Folwell, David T. Gleason, Charles Pedersen, Erroll F. Rhodes, O'Kelley Whitaker, Robert C. Witcher, Daniel L. Banner, Ernest F. Campbell, Richard J. Lintner, Dean D. Wampler, Richard A. Yale

September 16 - Seabury Western Class of 1954-1956

Ronald G. Albury, Carl R. Bloom, James E. Carroll, Russell R. Ellis, Joseph E. Mazza, John G. Schaeffer, Warner White, Schuyler Clapp, C. R. Coulter, John D. Evans, James L. Jenkins, Paul S. Kyger, A.P. Nancarrow, George C. Ross, George N. Vrettos, David M. Warner, Manousos E. Lionikis, William E. Lusk, L.A. Orr, R.B. Ryan, James W. Samter, Edwin E. Smith

September 20 - Seabury Western Class of 1957

David H. Benson, Andrew H. Bro, Carthur P. Criss, John M. Flanigen, Samir J. Habiby, Lyle E. Hampton, Paul S. Hiyama, Lewis T. Johnston, Sampson Rogers, A.D. Salmon, John H. Teeter, John B. Winn

Week of September 22 - Bexley Hall 

Antoinette J. Azar, Lynn Broderick, Trace M. Browning, Julia Burns, Maureen Casamayou, Shawn Clerkin, Christopher Coughlin, William Curnutte, Sharon DelVecchio, Catherine B. Dempesy, Diane Draheim, Marilyn K. Dressel, Ernestein C. Flemister, Barbara Fornalik, Michele D. Hanes, Paul L. Hicks, David Hodge, Andrew Johnson, J.K. Maney, Kimberly A. McDonald, Daniel Medina-Hernandez, Kenneth Perry, Joann M. Piatko, Dorothy Pierce

September 23 - Seabury Western Class of 1958-1960

Robert N. Huggman, Robert I. Maurais, James F. Moon, Conald C. Muth, Congreve H. Quinby, Edward L. Barnett, John L. Dreibelbis, John L. English, Harry W. Firth, Robert F. Hunter, Bruce H. Jacobson, John M. Larson, Karl E. Marsh, Conrad Nordquist, Jack L. Schauble, William M. Johnston, Donald E. Overton 

September 27 - Seabury Western Class of 1961

James C. Bean, Dennis L. Day, Edmund B. Der, Jared F. Foster, Charles F. Frandsen, C.D. Keyes, Lewis  R. Luchs, Warren E. Richardson, Donald J. Tepe, Robert A. Terrill

Week of September 29 - Bexley Hall

Sylvia B. Robbins-Penniman ('00), Patricia E. Roberts, Kim Rossi ('08), Richard Schaal, Sharon Schwenk, Alan Bruce Smith, Roger A. Speer, Carol Stewart, Andrea Stridiron, Renee Tembeckjian, David Ward, Michael Wernick ('10), Susan Wright, Donald J. Young, Edward W. Eanes ('32), Robert N. Zearfoss ('39), Joseph W. O'Brien ('42), Kermit I. Meier ('43), Peter H. Igarashi ('46), David M. Talbot ('47), Robert N. Back ('48), Alexander Stewart ('48), Manuel D. Chavez ('49), Elizabeth Manning ('49)

September 30 - Seabury Western Class of 1962 and 1963

Louis E. Hemmers, Orin J. Hunkins, Cecil Marshall, Shinji A. Sasamori, William P. Scheel, Ralph R. Stewart, Richard N. Avery, Charles E. Cason, D.D. Clemons, Lucien Lindsey, Paul H. Mizutani, Thomas A. Neyland, Dennis R. Odekirk, David L. Parrish, Robert L. Powers, Joseph W. Sanderson, John H. Stanley, Clark A. Tea, Jan J. Toof, Alice D. Vinik

July Alumni Cycle of Prayer

July 3 - Seabury-Western Class of 2008 

Anna Brawley, Deborah R. Brown, William B. Carlin, Les Carpenter, Kathleen J. Charles, Ciahnan Darrell, Susan D. Dashler, Dana K. Emery, Barb J. Fairbanks, Tyrone Fowlkes, Marjorie Gerbracht-Stagnaro, James Hamilton, John F. Hartman, Michele L. Matott, Lauren McDonald, Bradley Pace, Harold Roberts, Tom Seibert, Court Williams, Jenny Jo Woods

July 7 - Seabury-Western Class of 2009

Julianne Buenting, Daniel Diss, David Englund, Kay M. Houck, Donna M. Ialongo, Kristofer Lindh-Payne, Elizabeth Molitors, Rhoda S. Montgomery, Jessica L. Nelson, Janet Oller, Jesse Perkins, Marion Phipps, Christine Plantz, Meg C. Rhodes, Suzannah Rohman, Michael J. Ryan, Andrew Shirota, Mary Stubbs, Roger D. Walker, Lora Walsh, Lisa G. Ward, Kristen U. White

July 7 - Seabury-Western Class of 2010 and 2011

Martin J. Carney, Randolph C. Charles, Gawaiin de Leeuw, Judith A. DeLorme-Loftus, Robert E. Droste, Jennifer Hammargren, Jim Harrison, Sharon Hayston, Francis A. Hubbard, Helen Jacobi, Karen King, Gene B. Manning, Raymond Massenburg, Lora C. Messer, Leon C. Mozeliak, Andrew Sheldon, Jonathan Sy, Beth Taylor, Robert Alltop, Wren Blessing, Diane J. Bruce, Michael C. Fedewa, Lisa A. Gray

July 15 - Seabury-Western Class of 2011, 2012 and 2013

Joseph A. Lane, Martha E. Lang, Matthew Lawrence, MJ D. Leewis-Kirk, Liz Meade, Nurya Love Parish, Marsha Vollkommer, Mary White, Edward Bird, Katherine Doyle, Jennifer Hulen, Frank Impicciche, Ethan A. Jewett, Paul S. Nahirney, Linnea R.P. Stifler, Keila Thomas, Anthony J. Vaccaro, Susan Carter, Eduardo Rivera, Lizbeth Tulloch